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24 carat Gold Gel

24 carat gold leaf floating in healing Aloe Vera gel is a traditional Ayurvedic beauty secret for radiant youthful skin.

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Cleansilk Shampoo

Ensure deep cleansing of the hair and scalp with Ayurda’s antibacterial and antiseptic hair vitaliser.

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Blackberry Astringent

In strict accordance with Ayurvedic parameters, Blackberry Astringent contains important astringent, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and complexion toner herbs.

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Discover your skin’s unique needs. Click hereBest results are only guaranteed when you use products that work with the synergy of our skin. The key to this simple fact is knowing your skin type and it’s needs.
Our customised skincare approach is based on our understanding of your unique skincare needs. Ayurda’s customised approach has helped thousands of people to feel good, age well and live better. Ayurda run a full range of beauty & nail art supplies for salons and individuals.


Health & Fitness Reviews

Reviews About Men’s Health Products


When it comes to weight loss and following a healthy regime, Isagenix diet products are undoubtedly one of the world’s leading brands, but what exactly do you know about what they have to offer? Let’s take a look at the wide range of Isagenix Products that are available, and how their use can be combined for a powerhouse of weight loss potential.

The Isagenix product range

Each of these fat burning meal replacement solutions are made using specially selected essential natural ingredients that incorporate a range of vitamins, to ensure a safe weight loss campaign for all of their users. The unique combinations and programs work to accelerate the bodies’ ability to burn fat, without putting the digestive system under the same kind of pressure as other dietary supplements.

Isagenix “Cleanse for life”

This formulation was developed to target problem areas of the body, focusing on areas of stubborn fatty cells. Detoxifying the body of free radicals, combining this cleanse with an easy to follow meal replacement plan can all but ensure weight loss in as little as 15-30 days.


Isalean shakes

Isagenix very own shakes have been refined to provide the right amount of protein to their consumers, making the switch from full meals to their replacements as easy as possible. With protein taken from natural sources including whey and milk, they can work to increase the bodies’ energy levels – negating that all too familiar dietary slump.

Available for SportsPower


Alcohol Rehabilitation

What’s The Truth About Alcohol Rehab?

Essentially, alcohol rehabilitation centers don’t use mystery, nor offer the quick fix cure for their patients. However, what they do provide are a range of proven recovery methods and treatments, a range of holistic therapeutic services, and the help for a recovering addict to overcome their dependency with the help of alcohol detox.

Any patient that is admitted to one of these centers will be able to undergo a variety of effective treatments; or opt for counselling, psychotherapy, and more to help with their recovery.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Fitness Courses Available?

What Are Some of the Most Popular Fitness Courses Available?

Fitness courses can be readily booked in most gyms and private exercise facilities – but as there are so many to choose from, it can be quite difficult to agree on one that will offer you the best results for your body; both physically and emotionally. The majority of gyms will specialise in just one or two courses, but there are those that cater to a wider base of people. If you’re keen to get in shape, or to improve your health, then here are five of the most popular courses and practices available.


This is by far one of the most well-known types of course in Florida (and the wider world). It involves a variety of training exercises that could be deemed intensive, but with 95% of practitioners being satisfied with their results in the space of three months (or 90 days as the name of the course dictates), it’s no wonder why so many swear by its benefits and features.


Another highly intensive course, consider CrossFitness the rival to P90X. Instead of relying on indoor activities predominantly (as is the case with P90X), this alternative takes its practitioners outside; where tire flipping exercises are common and running through the rain is just another average day. The goal of this course is to burn calories and help practitioners to get in shape in a matter of months.


For those that prefer a little more relaxation to their regimes, the practice of Pilates might be the way to go. In its simplest form it’s an alternative to yoga and it relies on holding positions for particular lengths of time to strengthen the durability of muscles, ligaments and parts of the body in general. It’s suitable for all ages, but is most common amongst those aged between 35 and 55.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that aids in balance, strength and resilience. There are two types; one that relies on physical forms and another which instead uses a Tai Chi sword (a Jian). The former is the most common and the easiest way to understand what it involves is by comparing it to traditional martial arts (consider Karate or Judo), with a hint of yoga thrown in for good measure.


Yoga is another very effective fitness solution for those that want to strengthen their bodies, whilst learning to hone their inner balance – bringing peace to their mind. It’s very similar to Pilates, but shouldn’t be confused for it. By entering into a variety of different poses, a practitioner will be promoting the strength and durability of their body, whilst encouraging internal health.

Sex chat – the most popular questions people ask

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What is Sex Chat?

The anonymity factor

In this day and age, there’s nothing quite as important as keeping your private activities to yourself. That’s the great things about free sex chat lines; their priority is your security. You’ll never have to share your real name or even provide actual information about yourself. This means that you can use the call service in confidence, get chatting to people interested in the same things as you and then walk away knowing that you can continue with life as planned.

Here are some of the common questions people ask about sex chat:

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how to sex chat with your boyfriend
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One of the biggest draws of sex lines is that they are often far more affordable than signing up to online dating sites. It’s possible to purchase call credit that can be redeemed at any given time, or simply sign up to a membership that caters to usage. In any event – providers aim to tailor their services to suit the particular needs of their customers. In many instances, this provides free methods of calling, as well as those that need to be paid for. Listening to other chatters is usually free, as is browsing audio profiles. Interactions cost money, but even these are very affordable when compared to alternative dating techniques.

The best way to take advantage of the potential of call lines is to give one a ring today. People across Australia are meeting like-minded individuals, exploring their sexuality and taking part in some of the most exciting conversations as we speak – so there’s really no harm in giving them a go.

Viagra, consult your doctor for increasing sex drive

buy viagra in australia

Consult Your Doctor

It is not unusual for a man to suffer from erectile dysfunction occasionally but if you experience erectile dysfunction for at least two months or it reoccurs, it is important to consult a doctor. A doctor should recognise that erectile dysfunction can be a precursor for a number of related chronic health conditions, so diagnosing or eliminating the potential for other health problems is important. If there is an underlying health condition, treatment of the health issue will be crucial in helping to treat the erectile dysfunction.

Many men do not want to consult with a doctor for erectile dysfunction due to the personal and embarrassing nature of the problem. But it is wise to remember that most sexual dysfunction is treatable. If you find that a prescribed treatment is ineffective for you, it is important that you see your doctor if the therapy or medication prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction is not working effectively for you so that an alternative dosage of medication or an alternative medication can be prescribed.

Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are PDE5 Inhibitors

Before the advent of PDE5 inhibitors such as Cialis and Viagra, there was a nonspecific vasodilator called phentolamin that could be injected directly into the base of the penis to induce an erection. While this injectable drug is still available, the oral medications are much less intrusive. Most men would prefer to take a pill than inject a drug directly in their penis! It has be stated however, that there men who do not respond to Viagra, Cialis or Levitra so they may have little alternative if they would like to engage in penetrative sexual intercourse.

PDE5 inhibitors such as the well-known first comer Viagra as well the newer medications Levitra and Cialis which inhibit the relaxation of smooth muscle in the penis which results in an increase in blood flow and engorgement of the penis when sexual arousal occurs.

Cialis, Viagra and Levitra – a Comparison

The efficacy of the three most well-known erectile dysfunction medications is well-documented. Approximately seventy percent of users experience benefit. Viagra is known to have a shorter duration however and tends to have more side effects such as vision disturbance and headache. Cialis is more likely to cause muscle aches. Levitra is reputed to cause fewer side effects than the other two but is more expensive in price. Some side effects are due to the drugs being vasodilators side effects. These side effects are somewhat unavoidable because vasodilation is the effect that causes the erection. These side effects include nasal congestion, flushing headaches but they are generally mild and manageable.

Out of the tree drugs, the one with the most long lasting effect is Cialis. Cialis can be taken on Friday night and still have effect on Sunday. Some have nicknamed this Cialis the weekend pill because of this.

In Conclusion…

Cialis and Levitra have provided competition with Viagra – the original as well as most well-known erectile dysfunction medication. The extended duration of Cialis makes it excellent value as well as keeping a man ready for action all weekend. Levitra is the best for men for men who suffer from side effects when taking erectile dysfunction medications. In most respects, these three drugs are otherwise very similar. Generally recognised as being safe and effective, the only real contraindication is that nitrates must be avoided when taking these medications. Low blood pressure is the main issue that can cause problems, so you should not take any of these ED medications if you already suffer from low blood pressure.

Are e cigarettes a natural way to quit smoking?

electronic cigarette reviews for australia

My friend with is electronic cigarette

16 March 2015

A few day ago, my friend Tom told me a few stroies about his electronic cigarette. After he told his stories, I thought he is pretty cute but also a pretty careless person.

One day, Tom bought a 100 dollars electronic cigarette mail from Australia. He was so excited and desired to try it that he smoked when he was driving to work, The 510-T not only tastes like true cigarette, but also the shape is similar too.The company was not allow smoking on the workplace so when he  drove near his company, he conveniently threw it from the window.


There I have another about him.

That day, he met a old friend who was long time no see.The old friend gave him a cigarette. He received  with not hesitate. The old friend  fired it for him. They chatted  ten of  seconds. Someone called Tom. He put the fired cigarette in the shirt pocket like put the electronic cigarette as usual, what a poor expensive shirt.

Natures Botox Alternative : Our 30 Days Guarantee

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Our 30 Days Guarantee For Natures Botox Alternative

We want this to be the best decision you make for your skin and we want you to be happy. We cannot stop the ageing process but we can prolong it. If you follow our daily skin regimes and lifestyle habits for 30 days with the Botox alternative formular, we will guarantee that you will be among the group of women who genuinely can say after using this range how wonderful it makes you feel.

Discover your unique skin care requirements in under three minutes…

Once completed we will email you your individual assessment. We provide honest advice on how you can care for your skin and, consequently, your wellbeing.


Please check your email after completing the quiz to find your customised botox alternative skin care report.