Ayurveda Organics

Ayurveda Organic Growing and Production

Ayurveda considers the growing and production of the product to be an important consideration in the selection of natural herbal products. For Ayurveda, organic does not simply mean that the plant is grown free from chemicals and pesticides but considers the energy of the area in which the plant is grown and how the lifestyle of the person growing the plant can impact on its growth.

The way the plant is processed can also have a critical role in preserving its natural qualities. Many beauty products only use the active constituents from natural products. Isolating these constituents involves complex processing which can change the quality of the product and can have a totally different and sometimes damaging effect.

The Natural Ayurveda Way

However, Ayurveda considers it essential that the product be presented in its simple raw state to preserve the qualities of its active constituents. This also involves minimal processing including sun rather than kiln drying and hand grinding so that the end product will preserve its natural qualities.