Our Ayurveda Expert

Our Ayurvedic Expert Dr. Ajit

With a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree from India (B.A.M.S), Dr. Ajit is the most experienced Ayurvedic Doctor in Australasia. He is the founding director of Planet Ayurveda (1996), a leading wellness centre in Australiasia where he currently bases his practise. He is highly regarded for his knowledge and expertise in the filed of Ayurveda therapy and specialised in Panchakarma- a sought after Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation therapy. Planet Ayurveda is the only complete therapeutic clinic in Australasia. He regularly travels between New Zealand and Australia teaching Ayurvedic Medicine.

He is also the only Doctor outside India who has worked for the Government of India for over 18 years – he held various positions in both Ayurvedic hospitals and pharmacies. As the founding director of Planet Ayurveda, an organization representing the ancient system of medicine, through its three Ayurvedic companies, Dr. Ajit is our Ayurvedic expert and brings with him much Ayurvedic knowledge.