What our customers are saying

Ayurda’s personal programmes are proven skincare regimes that have helped 100’s of people to feel good, age well and live better. Read our skincare testimonials to discover how our organic skincare products are helping our customers get the healthy glowing skin they desire

What customers with Vata skin types are saying…

I have always suffered from dry skin, thanks to my nourish program I now feel hydrated and even my beauty therapist has asked what I am doing to make my skin so good. Thanks Ayurda I am so glad I found you.

Megan Sutherby. Mother of three, South Australia.

I love using Ayurda, it really resonates with my values. It’s all natural and earth friendly. After using this range I feel fresh and my skin glows with health. My friends have all commented on my skin of late, which makes me feel good.

Kelly B. Art student Victoria

This wonderful product is the proverbial breath of fresh air…it doesn’t depend on abrasive or invasive techniques to get results, the products are naturally fragrant and they work. My skin is glowing and radiant with health and vitality that only such a natural skin care like Ayurda can produce.

Anne H Mother and Careers Expert, Victoria

It’s amazing… I love the earthly ingredients and aromas and the philosophy behind Ayurda. It’s a product designed for me as an individual. The program takes just ten minutes morning and night and has made such a difference to how I feel. Thanks Ayurda.

Julie L. Mother, Wife and School Teacher, New South Wales

This is a great product. I definitely see an overall improvement in my skin. I am 52 years old and people have been complimenting me lately saying that I look younger.

Mary Willis, Professional Accountant NSW

As a 57 year stay home mum, I must say that Ayurda is the nicest line of skin care products I have ever used. Over the years I have tried many big brands as well as various brands from “natural foods stores”, but so far Ayurda has been my very favorite. I love the mild fresh scents and how gentle yet effective the skin care products are.”

Dianne Todd, Auckland

What customers with Pitta skin types are saying…

I have sensitive, dry skin and have always had problems finding a complete range which didn’t react with my skin. My skin hasn’t glowed like this with any other product; my journey to find a product that suits me is complete!

Melissa D, Natural Therapist, South Australia

These products make my skin glow. The Cucumber & basil cleanser is perfect and the Almond & saffron moisturiser is delicious. I have sensitive skin and this range makes it feel protected and nourished.

Simone Kessell, Actress

I’ve just tried Defy Cream and the Rose & Basil Toner and am in love! My facial skin feels softer and ‘plumper’ than I can ever remember it feeling and I didn’t get any reactions (I have very sensitive skin!). I love Ayurda!

Olivia R – Beauty Writer

I am 35 years old, my skin has always been sensitive to any products I use. I would have breakouts and pimples. Being a Sales Consultant, this always was a concern. My partner introduced me to Ayurda when she handed me a little tester of Magic Touch. Since then I have not looked back, I have been using the products for about seven months now. My skin is 100% better and so clear. Thanks.

Michael Robinson, Sales Consultant

I purchased Ayurda Balance trial kit thinking this was going to be just another waste of money. To my surprise my face started to clear up and after a week of use I no longer had problems with black heads, excess oil or pimples! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

M. Van Kula, Pukekohe NZ

I love the products! Everything from the logo to the packaging, I think they are top quality. After using them with no other products for 2 weeks, I can already see a difference to my skin. This is a huge compliment coming from a woman (myself) who has tried over one hundred different ranges. The cleanser was soft and gentle but very cleansing! The mist made my face tingle and both of the moisturizers made my skin glow! The eye cream is wonderful. In fact, I would love to have a huge bottle to put all over my body! I was also allowing my husband to try with me, and he also loved them…! His favourite product was the eye-cream (when I asked why, he said he liked the smell.

Shoshana Weinberg, Spa Consultant

What customers with Kapha skin types are saying…

Ayurda makes so much sense to me; finally I have found the skincare suits me. I love the earthy aromas of Ayurda, they make me feel as though I am really feeding my skin.

Kathy Sloan, New Mum, Victoria

This is a great product. I definitely see an overall improvement in my skin. I am 52 years old and people have been complimenting me lately saying that I look younger.

Lisa McMillan Mother of four, Sydney, Australia

I am 46 years old and was beginning to see signs of aging in my face. I began using The Ayurda energise programme about 6 months ago and am surprised at the results, I really do feel wonderful.

Kerry Burns, Admin Assistant NSW

I have always used natural products on my skin, but nothing has made the difference that Ayurda has. I am now using the full range and could not be happier. The customer service is great and I constantly refer to my wellbeing recommendations if I am feeling out of sorts.

Melissa Kemp, Yoga enthusiast, Brisbane, QLD

I was so impressed with the products and the lady that treated me that I bought a whole lot of products during my visit and then ordered more on line. I, who have never in 50 years found anything that wouldn’t make my skin break out, have found your products excellent and for the first time I can say I am looking after my skin.

Yvonne Jones, Business consultant